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Origami Magic

Boat Building Magic – The Origami Method

Have you every wondered if there was a better way to build boats?  Now there is.

The Origami Method builds boats through the art of “folding” metal.  This has distinct advantage over traditional metal boat construction.

  • fair hull shapes
  • rapid construction
  • minimum welding
metal boat

The Origami Method can also be applied to many flexible sheet materials other than metal, such as plastic, paper and wood.

Our Technology

The Origami Method for building metal boats relies on the fact that metal will bend easily when gentle pressure is applied correctly, but resist bending otherwise. Rather than “force” the metal to shape, Origami guides it to the shape it wants to take naturally. This reduces costs, time and stress distortion.

In addition, much of the welding is done on the flat before the metal is pulled to shape. This has distinct advantages both in the ease of welding and in minimizing heat distortion.

The process starts with a proven, conventional design. Using 3D computer technology, we create the precise patterns to fold this boat using the origami technique.  The result is then verified using marine performance prediction software. The appearance and performance are thus known before construction begins.

Gone is the need to build expensive and complicated frames or jigs.  The hulls and framing are welded on the flat, and “folded” to shape using fast, simple, low-cost technology available to builders everywhere.

There is no need to be an experienced boat builder to use this technique.  There is no need for complicated, expensive, purpose built equipment.  A do-it-yourself home-handyman can master the technique, making origami well suited to amateur and professional builders alike.

See for yourself the simplicity of Origami Magic.

Click here to learn how.

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